Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's here!!!

The holy grail of countertop kitchen appliances has finally arrived at my doorstep!!!!!

I have had the counter cleared and ready for this beaut for a few days now...and much to my pleasure, it actually fits!   (Why no, I did not measure cabinet to counter clearance before I bought this thing...fuck the cabinets!).

Let me tell you, this thing is beautiful.  I had originally wanted to go all out with a bright-ass completely obnoxious color such as the tangerine, or the green apple.  But everyone I asked advised against the Artisan models and recommended I go with the professional model instead. "A True Workhorse" someone told me; I will put this name to the test!!  I was a little sad that these models didn't come in fun colors, at first.  Then I saw the stunning copper pearl finish.  SOLD.

It is the fanciest piece of machinery I've ever owned.


My mind is spinning with all of the possible things that I can concoct with the various ingredients I have on hand.  Hmm...bread?  Cookies?  Muffins?  Soft pretzels?  Oh my.

One thing I can damn well guarantee is that I won't have another bread fail!

Hi there!

Oh, and in case you were wondering where I got it, I purchased it for $334 after rebate at Amazon.com.  You know you want one...

I shall report back my first adventure with my new toy, soon.

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